10 Articles About CRE From Liberty SBF

Liberty SBF has become a thought leader in commercial real estate finance with articles published online and in major industry media outlets. Below are 10 articles published by Liberty SBF or in influential publications with the company’s input.

1) Non-Bank Lending Is the Solution for Small Business CRE Loans

Strong demand for capital in the commercial real estate sector is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Historically low interest rates, a robust economy, and strong employment numbers are boosting a surge in CRE demand across the country. People might assume that all commercial real estate lenders are alike, but there are many types of financial institutions that work with CRE borrowers.

What is a non-bank lender and how is it different?

2) Think Retail is Dead? Think Again!

Despite what you might be hearing in the news, in today’s strong economy, retail trade continues to grow. April 2019 saw a year-over-year 3.1 percent increase in US retail sales

Find out how business owners can thrive in the new retail ecosystem especially with an SBA 504 loan.

3) Green Office Properties & the SBA 504 Loan

When you acquire a green office property you can help protect the natural environment, have a healthier workplace, and take advantage of the special SBA 504 Green loan program, when the office property you are purchasing meets certain environmental standards.

Find out advantage of SBA 504 financing for office properties here.

Man in suit with graph showing loan interest rates

4) Loan Interest Rates for Dummies (and the Rest of Us)

We spend a lot of time talking about interest rates because they affect so much of our lives. On a personal level, they govern the cost of our mortgage, our credit card bill and our car payment. In business, they affect our ability to grow and expand, to invest in new equipment, and to purchase commercial real estate.

But how well do we really understand interest rates? Where do they come from? What do they mean, and how can we make smart financial decisions based on our expectations for future interest rates?

Click here to find out more about interest rates.

5) Characteristics of an Industrial Real Estate Hot Spot

Over the past few years there has been a revitalization of the industrial sector, driven primarily by e-commerce retailers looking for warehouse space that meets their specific needs.

On paper, that looks like decreased industrial vacancy and increased rents. What really makes an industrial hot spot in different regions?

Click here to see what makes an industrial hot spot.

6) The Interim Second – a Critical Element of Every SBA 504 Loan

If you’re familiar with SBA 504 loans, you’re likely at least familiar with the term “interim second.” But there’s also a good chance that you may not fully understand what an interim second is, and how critical it is to SBA 504 financing.

Click here to learn more about Interim Seconds for SBA 504 loans.

Flexible open office space

7) What a 25-Year Term on SBA 504 Loans Means for Business Owners

Last year, the SBA made the first major change to its 504 loan program in over 30 years: It added a 25-year term. Now, businesses owners applying for a SBA 504 loan can choose from a 10-, 20- or 25-year debenture. What’s different about a 25-Year SBA 504 loan?

Click here to find out.

8) Scale the Multifamily Mountain with a Bridge Loan

When your multifamily property deal needs to close before your agency loan is approved. When this happens, having a strong bridge lender on speed dial can make a commercial mortgage broker look like a hero to their client.

Find out more about bridge lending for multifamily here.

9) Spotlight on Self-Storage: What’s all the Buzz About?

This asset class may not exude the glamour of a shiny downtown office tower, but self-storage assets have for a long time been the unsung heroes of commercial real estate investments. People are talking more and more about self-storage.

Read why here.

10) Hotel Financing With the SBA 504 Loan Program

The US hotel industry saw another record year in 2018, reaching absolute values that were the highest ever benchmarked. A 10th consecutive year of growth is predicted for 2019, according to CBRE Hotels Americas Research. As experienced lenders, we are convinced that the best, most cost-effective solution is to finance your hotel is with an SBA 504 loan.

In this article, we will walk you through today’s peak hotel market, as well as recent changes that affect SBA 504 loans.

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News Roundup: What is the Latest Asset Class Affected by E-commerce?

Changed Focus for Late-Cycle CRE Investing

City skyscrapers graphic with arrows and 2019

As a global economic downturn begins to take shape, late-cycle commercial real estate investors are focusing on industrial and multifamily as the asset classes that will best weather any coming storms—unlike the office and retail boom that preceded the 2008 crash. The Federal Reserve’s stricter controls on construction loans have effectively prevented overdevelopment, say industry observers, giving rise to predictions that the approaching downturn will be relatively gentle.

Self-Storage Spotlight

Don’t miss the just-published Self-Storage Spotlight, a comprehensive report by Liberty SBF market analysts that surveys every aspect of the “recession-proof” self-storage market and its current, extended growth cycle.

E-Commerce Packages Overflowing Lockers

E-commerce is growing by 20% every year. Multifamily owners have installed digital storage lockers to help handle the heaps of e-commerce packages that don’t make it to tenant doorsteps. Space is limited, lockers are fast becoming overloaded, and adding more lockers is costly and non-scalable as volume increases. One solution is Fetch, a smart new offsite service company that offers multifamily operators unlimited storage for everything from meal kits to mattresses, and allows tenants to schedule deliveries at their convenience.

Liberty SBF Provides $1.6M for Warehouse Acquisition

Liberty SBF successfully closed a $1.6 million SBA 504 loan, in partnership with Florida Business Development Corporation, for an appliance supply company’s acquisition of a warehouse property near Orlando, FL. Despite a delay due to last month’s government shutdown, the transaction closed within a very tight timeframe. Liberty SBF provided 90% LTV financing with both a first and interim second lien loan, allowing the business owner to preserve cash for working capital.

An Overview of the Self-Storage Market

Self storage building exterior with red doors

For a quick, clear overview of the robust national self-storage industry, see the market-by-market slideshow by nreionline.com that ranks 36 US MSAs by population and employment growth statistics, vacancy rates, and completed facilities. The #1 growth market? Las Vegas.

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News Roundup: Politics & CRE, a Self-Storage Boom and Soaring Demand for Small-Business Lending

The Latest Commercial Real Estate News From Liberty SBF


Political Races for Commercial Real Estate Pros to Watch

Red and blue voting boxes with American flag

As America heads to the ballot box tomorrow to decide the makeup of Congress for the next two years, Commercial Observer put together a list of races whose outcomes will have a direct effect on commercial real estate markets. Take a look, then keep a slightly more informed eye on results tomorrow evening.

Liberty Provides More than $14.2 Million in Health Care Financing in 2018

Medical facility with palm trees

Recently, Liberty provided $1.2 million in financing for a medical facility in Miami, FL. That brings SBA 504 health care facility financing totals to over $14 million for 2018 alone.

Self-Storage Is Booming – and NOLA Is Leading the Way

Self Storage facility with combination lock in foreground

The self-storage industry has outpaced the broader economy, growing 4.5% annually in recent years, and adding $4 billion in new storage spaces over the last year. And nowhere is that boom more obvious than in New Orleans, where more than 1 million sq. ft. of self-storage space is currently under construction.

REITs Outperform the Market

Wall street sign with building and flags

Ever-positive analysts have had to break out their euphemisms for stock market losses over the past few weeks, some even admitting that we may be seeing the early stages of a “correction.” But, despite that “volatility,” Bisnow reports that REITs have been outperforming the rest of the market, painting a positive picture for at least one sector.

Liberty Provides $23+ Million in Financing to Projects in California

California state graphic

Liberty is a nationwide provider of SBA 504 loans, but over the last two years, we’ve financed more than $23 million for projects in the state of California alone, including projects in Newport Beach, Imperial, San Diego and Riverside.

Small Business Lending Demand Up Significantly

Small business owner coffee maker

The conclusion from the latest Thomson Reuters / PayNet Small Business Lending Index? Small businesses are doing well, and are under low financial stress. As a result, they’re investing in growth, driving demand for small business loans up 16% from last year.

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News Roundup: Self-Storage Rides a High, Rate Hikes Haven’t Ruined Things and the Dawning of the Age of the Cheap Chic Hotel


Self-Storage Is Up 120%+, Still a Good Bet

interior of self storage hallway with blue doors

Let’s face it, we’re addicted to stuff. And self-storage facilities are there to help. That’s why self-storage sector REITs are up 120.6% in the last eight years. While self-storage rental rates may no longer be growing by double digits, many professionals see plenty of positives in the sector’s future.

Liberty Finances $1.9 Million Self-Storage Facility

Self storage building exterior with red doors

Liberty SBF has provided nearly $2 million in SBA 504 financing to a self-storage facility in Panama City, FL. The loan allowed the owners to refinance their property, while taking advantage of the low fixed-interest rates and long terms of SBA 504 loans to improve their cash-flow position.

Rate Hikes Haven’t Impacted Pricing or Volume … Yet

skyscrapers from below into the sky

While the Fed keeps bumping interest rates higher, and plans to keep doing more of the same, real estate pricing and availability have yet to show repercussions. Globe St. reports that while pricing and sales velocity are currently remaining unchanged, things could slow down toward the end of the year.

Affordable, Trendy Hotels Cash in on Consumer Demand

modern hotel bed with zebra pillows

What do millennials want? Good design. And what do they want to pay for it? Not much. The New York Times is reporting on the rise of the cheap, chic hotel that’s meeting consumer demand with low-priced rooms combined with trendsetting designs. And consumers can’t get enough.

Liberty Finances Hotel Projects in Georgia and Utah

st simons hotel pool exterior

Liberty recently provided funding for two hotel projects, a $7.7 million loan for a hotel on St. Simons Island, Georgia, and a $4.7 million SBA 504 loan for a hotel acquisition in Midvale, Utah.

Industrial Property Activity Spikes in the Midwest

aerial photo of warehouse in midwest

For months, East and West Coast metros have been feeling the heat of incredible demand for industrial properties, fueled by the “Amazon effect” and e-commerce logistics. Now, it looks as though the Midwest is getting involved, with a 103% increase in industrial CRE investment in Columbus, a 41% increase in Chicago and a 29% increase in Indianapolis.

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