Conventional Loans

Eligible Locations:MSA’s within the U.S. and its territories exhibiting strong economic and property-type specific fundamentals
Eligible Use:Acquisition and Refinance of Owner-Occupied, Hospitality, Multi-Use and Special Purpose Properties
Conventional Loan Amount:Up to $5,000,000
Conventional Loan Term:10 Years
Amortization:Up to 30 Years
Loan to Value:Up to 70% of FIRREA Appraised Value.
DSCR:Minimum 1.50x DSCR on in-place cash flow
Processing Fee & Expense Deposit:$1,500 Processing Fee. $15,000 Expense Deposit
Reserves:Tax and Insurance
Sponsor(s):Creditworthy individual(s) acceptable to Lender with sufficient liquidity and net worth
Prepayment:5-Year Prepayment Penalties