SBA 504 Lending and Small Business News: May 11, 2016

Bank of Nevada has become a leader in SBA 504 lending in Southern Nevada. In its partnership with TMC Financing, the bank is now the number one participant in the program year-to-date. “We are working to be the financial institution of choice for business owners and operators in Southern Nevada,” said Aimee Burford, VP Commercial Real Estate Lender. “By partnering with TMC Financing on these important SBA 504 loans, we are giving business owners the ability to hire additional employees, expand their business and diversify the economy of Southern Nevada.”

Small business sentiment rose in April to stop a three-month long slide. The National Federation of Independent Business’s optimism index rose 1 point to 93.6, slightly better than the 93.1 forecast by economists, according to Market Watch. Pessimism over the current political climate is to blame, according to the National Federation of Independent Business, who conducted the study. “There is no leadership in Washington, no articulations of a path to a better future, and no evidence that policy-making is focused on promoting economic growth or job creation,” wrote the group’s chief economist, William Dunkelberg. Respondents don’t believe that anything will change after the election.

Liberty SBF has lowered its rates and increased referral premiums for its National First Lien SBA 504 Wholesale Program. Price loans and build in your referral fee automatically in a few easy steps:

1) Click here to download Liberty SBF’s National First Lien SBA 504 Wholesale Program Rate Sheet & Underwriting Matrix to review eligible loan parameters.

2) Use rate sheet to price eligible loans based on our national par rates. Determine loan eligibility using our Underwriting Matrix.

3) Earn up to 4 points of premium income by marking up par rate, earning origination fees and structuring additional PPP (Not subject to dollar cap).

4) Remember: Liberty SBF will also consider deals that fall slightly outside our credit box. Call the desk for par pricing.

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