SBA 504 Lending and Small Business News: June 28, 2016

Although it’s thousands of miles away from home, the Brexit could have a large impact on American small business owners. Richard Williams, director for the regulatory studies program at George Mason Universities, attributes the stalling of 50 to 60 small business regulatory reform bills in Congress to the uncertainty created by the UK’s secession. Furthermore, small businesses with international customers, especially those with English customers, could be affected by the lesser buying power of the international community compared to the US.

As differences between full-service (FS) and limited-service (LS) hotels become more fluid, they still differ greatly passed on their ADR. As featured in Lodging Magazine, end-of-year ADR for 2015 was $170.04 for FS hotels, compared to $87.33 for LS hotels. The difference is attributed to the increased amenities and infrastructure that these higher-end FS hotels offer, which in turn increases ADR. However, despite this greater ADR, FS hotels still show wider fluctuations in RevPAR growth than their LS counterparts, most likely caused by the more pronounced impact of the Great Recession on FS hotels as opposed to LS hotels.

Online small business lending is getting a closer look from regulators. According to the San Francisco Business Times, federal regulators are worried that small businesses aren’t receiving the right amount of borrower protection within marketplace lending. A study by the Treasury found that effective APRs offered by three marketplace lenders for small-business loans ranged from 7% to more than 98%. However, online lenders claim that more regulation will only slow liquidity in the markets and hurt underserved borrowers.

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