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Below is Just a Sample Of The Loans We Closed In 2014
And We’ve Only Just Begun!

So far in 2014 Liberty SBF has provided financing on multifamily, office and industrial properties across the United States adding to its growing list of closed deals with our permanent and bridge loans. See below for just a sample of the deals we’ve closed recently. Call Alex Cohen at (610) 816-0201 or email us today to submit your next deal with Liberty SBF! Brokers Protected.


Non-recourse loan to purchase a 50-unit apartment complex in Desert Springs, CA. Complex deal structured to enforce full-recourse “bad boy” carve outs for a foreign (non US) sponsor.

Bridge Loan

Liberty SBF provided a first mortgage bridge loan secured by two manufactured housing communities encompassing 283 pads location in Tioga and Williston, ND.

Bridge Loan

Three shopping centers refinanced in a time essential deal. New equity contributed to transaction by sponsor, an investor with sufficient experience, net worth and liquidity to support the request.

Bridge Loan

Loan encompased two of the buildings that make up Village Centre Properties, a suite of creative office spaces in historic Sounderton, PA.

Bridge Loan

Bridge loan on a multifamily property in Charlotte, NC. Borrower, who is a Canadian foreign national, used funds to purchase another multifamily property in Rockhill, SC

Bridge Loan

One-story, 13-unit apartment property in Pasadena, CA. Refinance of existing mortgage to provide funds to perform maintenance and replenish reserves.

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