Tell Congress to Continue Funding the Paycheck Protection Program

Funds for PPP Loans – $349 billion allocated through the CARES Act – are now depleted and the program is currently suspended. Liberty SBF is strongly advising clients to continue applying for and completing PPP Loan applications via our online portal

Once Congress approves the second round and given the state of the economy, we expect even more following that. There is overwhelming demand for this product. The SBA has processed more loans in the last week then in the last decade. Small businesses need all the help they can get right now.

Demand for the first round of funding was voracious – and still, many small business owners were left without a seat at the table. Tell Congress that more funds must be allocated to the Paycheck Protection Program!

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Liberty SBF Calls on Congress to Add Desperately Needed Funds to Paycheck Protection Program for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

National non-bank lender is working overtime to help hundreds of struggling small businesses that urgently need this funding to survive

PHILADELPHIA (April 17, 2020) – Liberty SBF, a national finance company specializing in serving the small business economy, is calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to move swiftly to allocate an additional $250 billion to the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and continue providing urgently needed short-term capital to America’s essential small business owners.

With the original $349 billion allocated for the PPP in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act now depleted, the program has come to a halt with millions of small business applications stuck in the pipeline, and many more stuck in the queue because their banking institutions do not have the capacity to service these loans or have shut out applicants who are not current customers.

Liberty SBF has been successfully processing more than 200 applications a day and is continuing to accept PPP loan applications at no cost to borrowers to ensure they are ready to close without delay as soon as Congress approves the funding.

“We’re hearing from small business owners, brokers and small bankers who are all understandably anxious and panicking about being left out of the PPP,” said Alexander Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of Liberty SBF. “Now we’re stalled until Congress allocates more funds to the Program, at a time when these small business owners desperately need the capital to maintain payroll and protect their future and their employees’ jobs.”

Unlike many larger commercial financial institutions, Liberty SBF is supporting any qualifying small business in the U.S. with its offering, PPP+ Expertise and Service, with no requirement to be a previous or current customer of the Company. As a non-bank lender without depository restrictions, Liberty SBF does not have existing retail customers and has invited applications from any small business owner who needs capital to maintain payroll.

“Liberty SBF was founded during the last financial crisis with a singular mission, to help small businesses take advantage of government relief programs like SBA 504 loans,” said Mr. Cohen. “We are purpose built to help these small business owners work with the SBA and we immediately stood up a program to handle these PPP applications through a streamlined, web-based process.”

“We are especially agile when it comes to interpreting emergency legislation like the CARES Act and delivering a practical solution for small business owners to take full advantage of those programs,” added Mr. Cohen. “Right now, our team is focused on PPP+ and has ramped up our back-office support and production capability to process as many applications as needed and service all our customers as quickly as possible.”

Liberty SBF has a national reputation of helping small business owners navigate financial challenges and maximize the benefits of SBA loan programs. The Company has originated more than $450 million in loans and has participated in over $2 billion in transactions involving SBA programs, acting as a loan originator, bond buyer, pool servicer, and securitizing agent.

“Helping small business owners gain access to the PPP is a natural extension of our core business and truly part of our core values,” commented Mr. Cohen. “Our company’s purpose is to serve small businesses, and we have a decade-long track record of delivering financing solutions to small business owners through federally supported opportunities such as the SBA 504 program.”

“Our mission is to provide affordable financing to main street businesses, and leverage our expertise working with the SBA and other government programs on behalf of small business owners throughout the country,” said Mr. Cohen.

Liberty SBF works directly with small business customers seeking first and second lien SBA loans. In addition, Liberty SBF is a trusted referral resource for community banks and credit unions that do not have the infrastructure or expertise in SBA products in order to provide their small business customers with the timely and necessary funding to grow their business.

Small businesses owners can visit to start their PPP+ application. Community banks and credit unions looking for a trusted referral resource can contact Director of Sales and Originations Varan Rakhra at (425) 622-2460 for immediate help or email us at 

About Liberty SBF

Liberty SBF is a mission-based lender that provides capital through the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs at a low cost to borrowers. Since its inception ten years ago, the Company has participated in more than $2 billion in transactions involving SBA programs.

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Liberty SBF is STILL Taking PPP Loans Applications

Thank you for inquiring about the Paycheck Protection Program Loan. We have hired additional staff and are processing our current PPP Loan applications as quickly as possible.

Liberty SBF is striving to help as many small businesses as possible get access to PPP funding before the next round of funding dries up.

PPP Loan snapshot:

  • Small businesses can use these loans to finance up to 2.5 months of employee payroll
  • Businesses, nonprofits, Tribal businesses, and veteran’s organizations with 500 employees or less can qualify
  • Max loan size is equivalent to 250% of average monthly payroll (about 10 weeks of payroll expenses) or $10 million, whichever is less
  • Covered expenses: payroll, group health care benefits, salaries and commissions, interest on mortgage loans, rent, utilities, and interest on other debt obligations incurred before February 15, 2020

Liberty SBF is a mission-based lender that provides capital through the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs at a low cost to borrowers. Since its inception ten years ago the Company has participated in over $2 Billion in transactions involving SBA programs. The CARES Act PPP Loan Program provides timely funding to small businesses across the country and the program is consistent with Liberty SBF’s core mission and values.

Liberty SBF always encourages borrowers to apply for a PPP Loan at their primary banking institution first. Liberty SBF may act as Lender or Agent for another Lender in the PPP Loan Program as it relates to your application. An application with Liberty SBF is not a guarantee that you will receive a PPP Loan.  Liberty SBF makes no representation, warranty or guarantee that any application will be approved or be submitted before funding is no longer available, in any particular order or at all, and any and all such representations, warranties or guarantees are hereby disclaimed.

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It is a critical time for the SBA 504 industry as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) Act and other legislation is rolled out by Congress. We are advocating for specific SBA 504 provisions to be included, including the reinstatement of the First Mortgage Loan Pool (FMLP) Program.

We must encourage NADCO and members of Congress to include these provisions for SBA 504 into their plan to help small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Action Alert that we are asking you to respond to today is focused on these provisions which are of vital importance to the small business community.  We want to ensure that these critical additions are in the version that is signed into law.

If Congress enacts all of the below outlined SBA 504 provisions, we can immediately begin deploying funds to the most affected industries, including hard hit small business sectors such as hospitality, food service, and retail and we can quickly deploy these funds.

We ask that anyone who has a stake in the SBA 504 program to coordinate an effort to push for these SBA 504 provisions in their entirety:

  • Increase the maximum SBA Debenture loan size from $5 Million to $10 Million.
  • Expand breadth of the SBA 504 Refinance Program (Allow borrowers to tap equity in their properties for cash.)
  • Allow for expanded re-subordination for existing 504 loans (Allow borrowers to tap equity in their properties for cash.)
  • Reintroduce FMLP (85% SBA guarantees on SBA 504 first mortgages.)

All of these provisions can be implemented immediately and only in their entirety can the SBA 504 program provide liquidity to businesses hit hardest by COVID-19.

Call to Action for FMLP 2.0!

NADCO also needs to hear from CDCs and Third-Party Lenders that reinstating FMLP (a successful crisis era program with an established playbook and proven track record of success) is essential to bring liquidity to the SBA 504 program. FMLP will facilitate immediate and much-needed liquidity to struggling small businesses like hotels, restaurants, childcare facilities, and health care.

The private credit markets are currently shuttered due to Covid-19! The lack of liquidity in conventional loan markets will negatively impact SBA 504 volume and eviscerate current closing pipelines unless the SBA 504 community acts swiftly and decisively. The FMLP guarantee program will help Third-Party Lenders fund small business commercial property loans. Without third-party lenders the SBA 504 program ceases to exist.

We implore everyone to act now!

We need to let NADCO and members of Congress in the House and Senate — Republicans and Democrats alike — that this bill is critical for small businesses!

Below are actions you can take RIGHT NOW to help get these important SBA 504 Provisions into the CARE Act:

Thank you for helping in our campaign and for all you do for small businesses!

An important message from Liberty SBF CEO Alex Cohen

First I want to let you know that Liberty SBF is open for business and actively lending. In fact we closed two loans this week! An SBA 504 loan in FL and a conventional office loan for a business in NYC.

That being said, people are nervous, and the overall economic outlook is scary, but at Liberty SBF we are doing all we can to make sure money continues to flow to businesses who need to complete acquisitions or refinance their properties.

The news is evolving daily. It’s important that we stay informed, be vigilant, and adhere to official guidelines. I encourage you to keep up to date on the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) webpage..

Small businesses are being hit especially hard. We know that.

My team is hunkering down at home and practicing safe social distancing. But we are available by phone and email and open for business – our management team spent the last week ensuring that our system and team members can originate, make credit decisions, underwrite, and close loans remotely.

In fact, we plan to SIGNIFICANTLY augment lines of communication with our borrowers and brokers in the coming weeks. We will be conducting phone and video meetings with our community and we are planning educational webinars to present to large groups. In short, we are using every channel at our disposal to keep up communication. 

If your client is purchasing OOCRE or wishes to refinance an owner-user commercial property, give us a call. SBA rates are at historic lows and we are lending.

I want to thank all the people on the front lines of this crisis for their tireless work – the medical professionals, first responders, officials, and scientists. They are putting themselves in danger to help mitigate this and flatten the curve.

We will persevere. If you have any questions call us (844) 311-5647 or send an email today.

Thank you.

Alex Cohen
CEO, Liberty SBF

SBA 504 Loan Rates Drop Below 3%

The March 2020 rates for SBA 504 loans has dropped below 3%. Owner-occupied commercial real estate borrowers are getting some of the best deals on property loans ever seen at 90% LTV!


Liberty SBF closes SBA 504 loans in 30-45 days on industrial (warehouse, logistics, flex), healthcare (ALF, SNF, medical professional office), retail, self-storage, office, and hotel properties.

Call (855) 590-1174 or email today!

Industrial Building Loan Closed: $1.1MM SBA 504 Acquisition Loan

Liberty SBF provided $1,103,850 in total SBA 504 financing for the acquisition of an industrial property for a landscape supply company in Boring, OR. The property is comprised of three buildings totaling 11,168 SF and are situated on a 5-acre site. The property is 100% owner-occupied and will be used to store vehicles, equipment, and landscaping materials held-for-sale.

How can we help?

Liberty SBF offers personal service for SBA 504 and Conventional loans for owner-user properties across the US. We’d love to help you.

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Industrial Building Loan Closed: $1.6MM SBA 504 Acquisition Loan

Liberty SBF provided $1,558,800 in total SBA 504 for the acquisition of an industrial building located in Hollywood, FL for an e-commerce retailer. The guarantors consist of two companies that share space, inventory, and operating expenses. They offer brand name apparel, footwear, jewelry, home and kitchen gadgets, tactical gear, and sports and outdoor gear mostly sold on The property consists of two buildings located 22 miles north of Miami.

How can we help?

Liberty SBF offers personal service for SBA 504 and Conventional loans for owner-user properties across the US. We’d love to help you.

Let’s Talk.

Office Building Loan Closed: $3.9MM Conventional Refinance Loan

Liberty SBF provided a $3,900,000 Conventional loan to refinance an office building located in Santa Clara, CA for a company that provides design services for the semiconductor industry. The property is a two-story, 17,250 SF office building. The borrower occupies the second floor and leases out the first floor.

The appraised value of the property came in at $6MM, resulting in a Liberty 1st Lien LTV of 65%. The company helps large digital clients like to develop next generation flagship product lines, including mobile devices, complex routers/switches, consumer products, storage devices, and microprocessors processors.

How can we help?

Liberty SBF offers personal service for SBA 504 and Conventional loans for owner-user properties across the US. We’d love to help you.

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Retail Property Loan Closed: $3.7MM SBA 504 Acquisition Loan

Liberty SBF provided $3,747,000 in total SBA 504 financing to acquire a retail property located in Brooklyn, NY for a kosher supermarket. The Property is a 10,000 SF, single-story retail building specifically located in a densely populated residential neighborhood in south-central Brooklyn.

The store offers a complete range of grocery products including baked goods, fresh produce, beverages, frozen foods, dairy and eggs, meat and fish, paper and cleaning, health and beauty, and housewares. The grocery store has occupied this location for more than 24 years and will continue to occupy 100% of the property.

How can we help?

Liberty SBF offers personal service for SBA 504 and Conventional loans for owner-user properties across the US. We’d love to help you.

Let’s Talk.